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Trademark Agents in Dubai, UAE

Trademark Agents in Dubai, UAE

As a leading trademark agent in Dubai, we render full-fledged intellectual property services. We help companies in registering trademarks and patents.

Jitendra Consulting Group specialized in the quick registration of trademarks, and other intellectual property rights. We fulfill all the registration formalities with the concerned offices in Dubai swiftly and efficiently.

Trademarks are symbols or text or combination of both which any company is entitled to use. Trademarks are unique and need to be registered with the authorities of intellectual property rights.

A registration with the trademark office is needed along with a set of predefined documents. An applicant company needs to give a power of attorney to the consultant for filing the trademark registration application.

Trademark Services

We help in every step of the trademark registration acting as your appointed agent. The main procedure is to register the trademark at the national office in UAE for grant and protection of the trademarks.

Our services as trademark agents –

  • Trademark search
  • Trademark registration
  • Brand name and logo registration
  • Renewal of trademark registrations
  • Trademark watching
  • Trade name registrations
  • Industrial designs registrations
  • Intellectual property registrations

Our expert trademark consultants are well-versed with all the paperwork required for trademark-related formalities. Besides trademarks, we offer patent, copyright, and other IP registrations in Dubai.

Trademark Consultant

Call us for any consultation for trademark search and trademark registration. A trademark can be a name or a word, letter, design, stamp, image, label etc. or a combination of all these.

Trademark identifies the company instantly as marked on all the products, services, and literature of the company.

Every trademark needs to be distinct and has to be registered with the authorities. Being unique, they easily get known as a distinct symbol of the company or its brand.

It becomes easier for the consumers to identify the products in the market. Once famous, the trademarks become synonymous with the company or brand name.

With the use of these marks, you can easily distinguish your products from the products of the competitors. The trademarks also help in curbing fraudulent use of your brand name by others. Call for any other consultation related to intellectual property and get economic solutions with us.

Trademark Attorney

Jitendra Consulting is a regulated trademark attorney in Dubai offering full range consultancy in the registration of logos, brand names, and trademarks.

Our team of lawyers are a well aware of all the legal requirements in the matter. Besides registration, we also offer infringement related consultancy. With our expert advisory, you remain safe and do your business without any stress. We make sure that your trade name is complying all the local laws.

Our team of lawyers and trademark registration agents in Dubai has helped hundreds of businesses in registering and protecting their trade name, design, logo, and sign.

Let us know your requirement and we will act as your trademark agent and execute all the necessary procedures with the authorities. Our support remains after registration for any kind of IP related issue. Also, hire us for copyright registration and other intellectual property matters. Find Trademark Agents in Dubai, Registered Trademark Agents in UAE. Contact Jitendra Group for reliable Trademark Agents in Dubai, UAE. 

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