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Company Incorporation in Dubai Free Zones, UAE

Company Incorporation in SAIF ZONE, Dubai, UAE

Jitendra Consulting Group is a leading business consultancy specialized in the incorporation of companies in free zones of Dubai. We are assisting businesses to open company in a free zone of Dubai. UAE is having more than 40 free ones for all different segments like IT, automobiles, industries, diamond, etc.

Every free zone in Dubai is designed to accommodate aspecific type of facilities. As the Ras Al Khaimah free zone is offering zero percent corporate tax, and 100% foreign ownership. But not all the free zones allow 100% ownership for the foreigners.

Open Company in Free Zones of Dubai

The wide range of free zones in Dubai is offering excellent opportunities to the foreign investors. The major free zones in Dubai are Dubai Outsource Zone, Dubai Media City, Dubai healthcare city, Dubai Gold and Diamond Park, Dubai Studio City, Dubai Maritime city, and many others.

We are a professional expert and a team of lawyers and chartered accountants having experience of setting-up companies in Dubai free zones. We fulfil all the formalities and procedures required to start a company in any of the free zones of Dubai.

Our services

  • Obtaining trade license
  • Registration with the chamber of commerce
  • Opening bank accounts
  • Obtaining visa for the director and family visa
  • Staff arrangement support
  • Accounting requirements

We reduce all the hassles by supporting you in the complete process of the incorporation. Our expert PROs do all the running about and communicating with the concerned authorities like Ministry of Commerce, Bank, etc.

Benefits of Starting Company in Dubai Free Economic Zones

Dubai free economic zones are theproduct range for starting businesses. It offers excellent benefits due to special government policies for the zones.

Here are top benefits of incorporating a company in any of the free zones of Dubai.

  1. Total tax exemption on gains
  2. Partial or complete ownership to the foreign investors
  3. 100 percent repatriation of profits and capitals
  4. Exemption from payment of export-import duties

The companies also get exemptions like no corporate tax and no capital deposits.

Business Consultancy for Free Zone Companies

Jitendra Consulting Group provides all other professional services required in the process of setting up a commercial entity in the free zones.

We guide investors and our clients in all the following matters.

  1. Suitable legal structure of the company
  2. Best free zone for the venture as per the product
  3. Preparation of the documents for submissions to the authorities
  4. Assistance in getting warehouse or land or office area in the zone
  5. Applying for the trade licenses and certificate of incorporation

We also extend services to the established companies for the renewal of the licenses.

Jitendra Consulting is a team of talented business consultants for free zone companies. We possess all the required know-how to form a company in the free zone. We are guiding our clients to form company with an affordable budget, Need Services for Company incorporation in SAIF Zone ? Find UAE Offshore Company for Offshore Company Incorporation UAE.

Our fee structure for all the services makes a cost-effective package for our clients. Having registered many companies in, we are one of the most reliable business advisory firms for forming a company in Dubai free zones. Contact UAE Offshore Company for Company incorporation in SAIF Zone. Jitendra group known for best Offshore Company Incorporation UAE, Dubai. Acquire reliable services of Company Incorporation in Dubai Free Zones, UAE by Jitendra Group.

Find company incorporation services in Dubai, UAE from anywhere in world including Vatican city, Macedonia, Estonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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