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Company Formation in Jebel Ali Free Zone

Company Formation in Jebel Ali Free Zone

Jitendra Consulting Group is a prominent business advisory for forming a company in Jebel Ali Free Zone. Forming a company in this world famous economic free zone demands to fulfill a predefined set of requirements.

With all the necessary knowledge and operational skills, we are providing affordable consultancy for company formation in the free zone of Jebel Ali.

Jebel Ali is a free economic zone located at the end of Dubai near Abu Dhabi. It started in 1985 for office units of standard size and also for the warehouses. Jazfa also extended its span to the light industrial unit. With gradual growth, it is now the largest free zone in the world. 

Jebel Ali Free Zone Business Consultancy

We offer A to Z solutions to start a company in this economic zone of Dubai. At Jitendra Consulting Group, we offer planning of initial costs, consultancy, and setting-up support, and guidance. With our right guidance, you will experience a hassle-free company formation in Jafza. Whether you are a resident of the UAE or non-resident, we can help will all the formalities.

Our consultants will present a complete picture of the costs for forming a company in Jafza

Business Consultancy Services for JAFZA

Jitendra Consulting Group offers best advice and support for starting a company in Jebel Ali Free Zone. Our experienced advisers have a thorough knowledge of types of companies you can form in the one.

At the initial stage, we provide you all the details regarding types of companies and benefits.

Types of companies in JAFZA

  1. Free Zone Establishment
  2. Free Zone Company
  3. Branch Company
  4. Offshore Company

We advise on every requirement of each kind of business and cost it will demand. As you decide to start a business, you need to apply for the licences. Our consultants have all the knowledge about the types of the licenses businesses need to apply for. 

Our Services for Company Formation in Jebel Ali

Right from initial consultation, we help in applying for the applicable licenses. We offer complete assistance in applying for types of licenses.

Our Services

  • Consultation
  • Submitting application to the authorities
  • Applying for the licences
  1. Trading License
  2. Service License
  3. Industrial License
  • Registrations
  • Payment of fees
  • Obtaining license

Our team is serving businesses in Dubai for establishing companies in Jebel Ali and other free zones. Once you hire our services, our team will study your business type and its requirements. We will handle all the formalities right from registration to complete set-up. We also extend our services for an appropriate accounting of your firms in free economic zones.

With our consistent high-quality and affordable services, we are one of the top business set-up consultants in Jebel Ali.

Jebel Ali is the largest and oldest free economic zone in the world.

Jebel Ali in Dubai is a place where starting business is challenging but extremely beneficial.  It offers tax-free business as well excellent warehousing, infrastructure, and communication facilities. Call us to get detailed consultancy to set-up business in Jebel Ali free zone, company formation in jebel ali free zone.

Get company formation services in Dubai, UAE from anywhere in world including Republic of island, Romania, Iceland, Finland, Bulgaria, Cyprus.

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