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Chartered Accountant in Dubai, UAE

Chartered Accountant in Dubai, UAE

Every business needs services of Chartered Accountants to follow the business compliance’s. Right accountancy and auditing services help to streamline business operations. Besides routine accounting, the services are needed for managing risks and planning budgets.

Jitendra Group is a team of experienced chartered accountants and auditors in Dubai. Our team provides affordable solutions to hundreds of businesses. Being an expert business accounting services, we help in improving the performance of your business. Our services are cost-effective and let you access quick bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing services at one place. 

Book Keeping and Accounting Services

We provide complete bookkeeping and accounting services as per the customized needs of your business.

With years of experience in serving all different segments of the economy, we are able to do efficient accounting and auditing for any industry. Whether you are a manufacturing unit or a trading business or service industry, we provide accurate chartered accounting services in Dubai. 

Accounting Services

  • Developing accounting system in your firm
  • Designing financial policies
  • Advising on various accounting issues and MIS
  • Advising on bookkeeping and record maintenance
  • VAT accounting

When any company start its journey, it requires to setup its accounting mechanism. Neglecting timely accounting and bookkeeping can create issues in smooth functioning of the company.

We guide the companies on appropriate accounting of all different transactions right form sale, purchase, employee accounting, etc.  Hence, it is important to get consultancy from areliable chartered accountant in Dubai.

Book-Keeping Services

Regular maintenance of bookkeeping is important to avoid backlogs in future. Timely bookkeeping also gives you an idea of the amount of inflow and outflow and cash management.

We are providing bookkeeping services across various industries like manufacturing, trading, entertainment, legal firms, retail, and others. 

We provide following bookkeeping services in Dubai –

  • Monthly bookkeeping services
  • Quarterly or half-yearly bookkeeping services
  • Annual bookkeeping services
  • Planning appropriate accounting system for the firm

Our advisory services help you to tackle any kind of bottlenecks in budget planning and cash management. Streamlined procedures advised by us help you in formulating transparent and efficient accounting mechanism in your firm. 

Tax Accounting Services

If your firm is liable to pay state taxes, you need a right tax consultant. Jitendra Consulting Group also serves you as your partner in corporate tax management. We help your firm pay timely and accurate VAT and other taxes to keep you in good books with the authorities.

Every firm in UAE has to manage tax as per the requirement of the Federal Tax Authority in the country. At the same time, the companies in free zones enjoy many tax exemptions. Our in-depth knowledge of taxation in Dubai enables us to manage your taxes with 100% compliance. We know all the personal and corporate taxes in Dubai and help you in smooth management of taxes.

Our expert panel of auditors, chartered accountants, and tax consultants coordinate with you and help you fulfill1 your tax liabilities. Our proficient accounting and tax management services are provided at affordable prices to add cost-effectiveness to your finances. Hundreds of clients are running a hassle-free business with our accounting services, meet leading chartered accountant in dubai, uae for your business accounting needs.

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