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Auditing Services In Jebel Ali Free Zone

Auditing Services In Jebel Ali Free Zone

Jebel Ali Free Zone in Dubai is one of the largest free economic zones in the world. The free zone is regulated by JAFZA, a governing authority. Each free zone company is also governed by certain rules and regulations. Likewise, other companies, free zone companies in Jebel Ali are also subjected to audits.

At Jitendra Consulting Group, we offer internal and external auditing services in Jebel Ali Free Zone. The auditing assures the authorities that the business transactions and statements are accurate and non-fraudulent. Auditing is a way of streamlining and verifying business accounting and financial transactions of the company.

Auditor in Jebel Ali Free Zone

We are a prominent JAFZA approved auditor in Dubai providing affordable auditing services to companies in this free zone. We are eager to deliver the best quality service to every client with highly skilled and fulfilled auditing and assurance solutions.

  • Financial auditing– Our financial auditing comprises scrutinizing genuineness and correctness of the financial statements of your firm. High level of accuracy in the statements prevents your firm from any issue with the authorities. 
  • Operational auditing – Operational auditing lets our auditors present a detailed analysis of your company activities that may impact your financial compliances as a free zone company of Jebel Ali. 
  • Internal auditing – A complete internal auditing scrutinizes all the procedures, accounting, and cash management in your firm. Any gap and wrong accounting is quickly detected and resolved by our expert auditors. 
  • External auditing – External auditing requires the firm to submit mandatory reports and statements to the JAFZA authorities. We help you through preparation and submission of the audit reports to the authorities.

We also execute integrated auditing that covers both operational and financial auditing using integrated software system. Our auditing solutions in Jebel Ali free zone are also customized as suitable to your business activities.

Annual Auditing Services

We carry out annual accounts of JAFZA companies. Every free zone company in Jebel Ali needs to submit annual audit reports for every financial year. The period or the interval of the auditing may differ as prescribed by the JAFZA authorities.

Jitendra Consulting Group acts as your appointed auditor and reports all the annual accounts of the firm. No matter if you are a small sized company or a big, our auditing fees are very budget friendly. With lowest best charges, you can avail accurate auditing services.

Assurance Services

Our assurance services help all businesses of JAFZA with regard to mergers, expansions, restructuring company, acquisitions, and liquidations. Through detailed analysis and performance verification, we present our accurate review to enable you to plan your further action. Besides core auditing, we also execute business feasibility studies, market research, and financial forecasting.

Having a firm in Jebel Ali has multiple attractive benefits like atax-free business with 100% foreign ownership. However, any firm or company in thefree zone need to comply with certain JAFZA regulations. If you have just started your firm in this brilliant free trading zone, contact us for consistent and affordable auditing solutions.

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