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Auditing services in Dubai, UAE

Auditing Services in Dubai, UAE

Jitendra Consulting is a leading chartered accountancy and tax consulting firm in Dubai. We are abreast of all the changes and compliance’s in the commercial and statutory laws related to business units. With us, companies get guidance to fulfill right auditing of the firm as per business type.

We are expert in necessary legal documentation and internal as well external auditing services in Dubai.

Auditing is an important aspect in every firm to ensure its financial health. Our efficient auditing reviews the financial transactions, detects loopholes, wrong accounting, and fraudulent accounting. Our team has experienced and certified auditorswho carry out the audits as per the laws of the company and state rules. 

Auditing and Assurance

Our auditing services go beyond routine auditing and help you customize your reports as per your needs.

  • Internal audit
  • External audit
  • Financial accounting system consultation
  • Design and implementation of financial system
  • Performance analysis and reporting
  • Ensuring regulatory compliances
  • Ensuring transparency, fair and non-fraudulent system

We also serve as your financial adviser and help in proper financial planning. Right from financial forecasting to planning, budget, reviews, and appraisal, our team supports you to achieve your business objectives.

Internal and External Audit

Our fair auditing serves as an excellent record of the performance of your company. With complete and accurate auditing, you can win confidence of your suppliers, partners, shareholders, customers, and banks.

Internal Auditing

Our internal audit services involve stocks and all other costs. Internal audits or management audits help in understanding the business growth and risks. It also helps the financial department to forecast and plan budgeting.

  • Audits for banks and other financial institutions
  • Auditing for insurance claim settlement
  • Audit consultancy
  • Stock audits

External Auditing

  • Auditing for companies as per Companies law in UAE
  • JAFZA companies auditing
  • HFZA companies auditing
  • All free zone business auditing services

At Jitendra Consulting Group, a team of proficient chartered accountants use standardized legal methods as in tune with the UAE regulations. Our advanced software based audit methodologies are completely in compliance with our professional ethics and regulations for your business form. Our chartered accounting services help you in keeping your business in perfect form.

Why Choose Us

Jitendra Consulting is into corporate auditing since many years and proficient in providing right auditing and reconciliation services.

Our expert team and our managerial values make us on of the best auditing firm in Dubai.

  • We are expert in corporate and statutory policies
  • Have a strong and sound record of providing accurate accounting and auditing
  • Services from certified auditors
  • Strong understanding for all business types
  • Fulfilling customized needs of your business

Whether you are in need of internal audit or external audit firm, we are the right place. We also offer full-time professional auditing services, Hire Auditors in Ras Al Khaimah Today. Get Auditing Services in Dubai from experience Auditing Firms in Dubai.

Our professional audit firm in Dubai is managing audit of many firms and ensure fair and systematic accounting in your company. Our sound team of auditors help you manage financial risks and increase the efficiency of your financial decisions.

We have served small and medium sized enterprises, larger corporates, and well free zone units in Dubai, UAE, Looking for Auditing Services in Dubai, Contact best Auditing Firms in Dubai. Find reliable Auditors in Ras Al Khaimah at Jitendra Group.

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