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Auditing & Accounting

At JCA, we constantly find new ways of adapting our processes & application of Auditing principle, Our auditing processes are engineered according to International Standards…

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Business Consultancy

We at Jitendra Business Consultant (JBC) committed to provide high-quality service with personal attendance to our valuable clients world-wide at a reasonable cost. The presence of a dynamic team…

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Tax Consultancy

Jitendra Consulting Group operates as one of the UAE’s leading tax & advisory firms. Our tax and advisory specialists understand the increasingly complex tax, commercial laws and practices …
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Human Resources

JCA helps find the ideal candidate for the job. The manpower requisition is effectively handled through advertisement,interviews and tests.We adhere to…

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Trademark Services

Jitendra Consulting Group is a leading business advisory and assistance firm which provides trademark registration in GCC, Middle East and Worldwide.

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Management Consultancy

Business plans look great on paper but would they deliver in the marketplace? Our feasibility studies and project reports act as critical reality checks, delineating the…

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City 7 TV
Date : January 3, 2011
Topic : Launching of Pocketbook on IFRS for SMEs by JCA

CNBC Arabia
Date: May 21, 2011
Topic: Launching of IFRS Pocketbook (Arabic)

RADIO 103.8
Date: August 4, 2008
Topic: Virtual Office

Radio 103.8 Dubai Eye
Date: October 18, 2009
Topic: IFRS for SMEs


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